The Leonberger Club of America is proud of their ongoing educational program, Leonberger University, conceived and implemented in 2011 by Lara Bohinc, Sharon Betts and Ann Rogers.  The current team includes D’Nae Wilson, Connie Kent, Pamela Isaacson and Sharon Betts, webmaster.

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Preserve and Protect the breed and the past and future legacy of the Leonberger Club of America by providing an engaging learning environment of continuing educational programs in all areas of Leonberger interest.

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From the Leonberger Owner’s Guide by Carolyn Bliss-Isberg

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The Leonberger Club of America, Inc., (LCA) was founded in 1985. The Leonberger Club of America is the oldest and largest Leonberger breed club in the United States. The core purpose of the club is to preserve the health, temperament, and type of the breed.

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As adopted by the LCA and the AKC. The Leonberger is a large, sociable working dog, muscular yet elegant, with a proud head carriage. The breed is distinguished by its black mask, substantial bone, balanced build, and double coat. Adult males are particularly powerful and strong and carry a lion-like mane on the neck and chest. Bitches are unmistakably feminine. The Leonberger is a dimorphic breed; a dog or a bitch easily discernible as such. Although imposing in size, the Leonberger is graceful in motion. Natural appearance is essential to Leonberger type. The breed is to be shown with no trimming, sculpting or other alterations. True to the breed’s origins as a multipurpose family, farm and draft dog, today’s Leonberger excels as a versatile working dog and devoted family companion. Intelligent and lively, friendly yet vigilant, the Leonberger is attentive and self-assured in all situations. The Leonberger is placed in the Working Group; AKC recognized in 2010. The Standard from the AKC website The Illustrated Standard Cover of Illustrated StandardThe Leonberger – An Illustrated Breed Standard is published by the Leonberger Club of America. It contains pages of colored photographs, detailed illustrations and discussion of the AKC Leonberger Standard. Available for purchase through the LCA secure site.

From the Leonberger Owner’s Guide:  Understanding the Leo; Is a Leo For You?; Finding a Leonberger

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Leonberger Rescue Pals Inc is a 501c3 non profit, all volunteer national organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of unwanted, abandoned or abused Leonbergers and Leonberger mixes. We offer education to shelters, other rescues and individuals.

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The Leonberger Health Foundation International is a nonprofit charitable foundation formed at the turn of the 21st Century to facilitate the solicitation and distribution of donations given to support health related breed-specific research. The LHFI considers breed health, longevity, and preservation to be significant challenges that need to be actively addressed by the world-wide Leonberger community. 

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Going on a trip with a big dog can be fun if you are prepared. Read how to make it worry free.

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AKC Canine College is dedicated to creating quality online courses for judges, groomers, breeders, trainers and the general dog-owning public.

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