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“Shall I breed my dog?” the answer is complicated, for there is much to consider. Breeding is not a casual undertaking. All breeds have genetic defects which can be passed along from parent to puppy. The Leonberger is not an exception. Responsible, knowledgeable breeders know these problems and strive to avoid them when selecting mates.

Unless you have purchased a “show quality” Leonberger and have a prearranged future breeding agreement with a reputable breeder, it is not advisable to breed your pet. Leonbergers that are purchased from pet stores or backyard breeders should not be bred because their puppies will not improve the breed as a whole, which is the goal of a responsible breeder.  
Breeding 101 videos from the Mid-Atlantic Leonberger Club of VA.

The ABC’s of Dog Breeding is for breeders at all levels of experience! It takes a practical, step-by-step approach to the art and science of breeding by focusing on 7 key tools and concepts. These include (1) genetics, (2) breeding systems, (3) pedigree, (4) selection, (5) anatomy, (6) kennel blindness and (7) genetic defects. Understanding each of these elements can help breeders put together the pieces for a more successful breeding program. The goal of the ABC’s of Dog Breeding is to provide one comprehensive program with the “need to know” information from the fields of domestic animal breeding and canine genetics. (posted with permission from Claudia Waller Orlandi, PH.D. and the Basset Hound Club of America).
We hope you will use it, along with Leonberger University’s other courses, as tools to enhance your Breeding Programs!

Genetics & Genetic Defects
Breeding Systems
Kennel Blindness


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2023 LCA Breeder Manual

All about owning a stud dog by Harry Austin.

Stud Basics updated September 14 2022

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The Leonberger is a large, sociable working dog, muscular yet elegant, with a proud head carriage. The breed is distinguished by its black mask, substantial bone, balanced build, and double coat. Adult males are particularly powerful and strong and carry a lion-like mane on the neck and chest. Bitches are unmistakably feminine. The Leonberger is a dimorphic breed; a dog or a bitch easily discernible as such. Although imposing in size, the Leonberger is graceful in motion. Natural appearance is essential to Leonberger type. The breed is to be shown with no trimming, sculpting or other alterations. True to the breed’s origins as a multipurpose family, farm and draft dog, today’s Leonberger excels as a versatile working dog and devoted family companion. Intelligent and lively, friendly yet vigilant, the Leonberger is attentive and self-assured in all situations.

The Leonberger is placed in the Working Group; AKC recognized in 2010.

The Standard from the AKC website

The Illustrated Standard

Cover of Illustrated StandardThe Leonberger – An Illustrated Breed Standard is published by the Leonberger Club of America. It contains pages of colored photographs, detailed illustrations and discussion of the AKC Leonberger Standard.

Available for purchase through the LCA secure site.


The AKC Canine Health Foundation (CHF) has educational resources to help you breed and raise healthier puppies! As the largest funder of health research focused solely on dogs, CHF is working to advance the health of current and future generations of dogs.

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