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Dock jumping also known as dock diving is a  dog sport in which dogs compete in jumping for distance or height from a dock into a body of water

There are a number of organizations that sponsor dock diving events and training sessions.  Here are a few of theses:


Dock Dogs

Northwest Challenge

Splash Dogs

Ultimate Air Dogs

Dock Diving for Leonbergers? Why, Yes!

by Stephanie Lucero

When DockDogs comes to town, take your Leo and go play!

Leos love water, Leos are bouncy, Leos are the stars of the show, so, go.

Balto and I have been trying dock diving since he was 6 months old.

It’s fun and challenging. All your Leo really needs to know is his sit/stay a good recall, a healthy love of water and retrieving a stick! At first, it’s a little scary for the puppers because the pool is about 2 feet under the dock and it is clear water. After, they realize it won’t harm them, they usually love it! The folks at DockDogs are very helpful and have lots of hints for your dog, they want to see you succeed.

We give it a try every time Dock Dogs comes to town.  Every time we try, Balto runs down the dock with great excitement, but that darn clear water always stops him, I, then, usually let him cheat and use the ramp to retrieve his stick. I do that because it helps him to know that the clear water is safe.

This year, he finally jumped! Everyone at DockDogs was so excited for him.  Hey, it was only 2 feet, but it’s a start!

Go try it!