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What does substance mean? How is it generally assessed in a dog? What are 2 synonyms for substance?
It refers to the amount of bone and is usually assessed by the amount of bone in the foreleg. Synonyms are bone and timber.
What are the Latin terms for the following: front pastern, wrist, rear pastern and hock?
Front pastern is the metacarpus. Rear pastern is the metatarsus. Hock is tarsus.
Technically speaking, where is the hock located?
The hock is located above the rear pastern. The rear pastern is frequently and mistakenly called the hock.
True or False: Short in hock is synonymous with hocks well let down. What does short in hock mean?
True. When we say short in hock, we mean that the distance from the hock to the ground is short and that the bones in the rear pastern are relatively short compared to the bones of the lower thigh.
Describe a sickle hock.
In a dog with sickle hocks, the rear pastern arcs forward and the dog appears to be standing under itself.
True or False: Height is measured the same way in all dogs. How is height measured in dogs?
True. In all breeds, height is measured from the highest point of the withers to the ground.
True or False: The length of a dog is measured the same way in all breeds.
What are the withers and where are they located?
The withers are the highest point of the shoulder. They are located at the base of the neck.
Where is the point of the shoulder?
At the foremost tip of the upper arm.
What is coupling? With what function is it involved?
Coupling is the region between the dog's last rib and the begining of the hindquarters. It is involved with turning ability.
True or False: A dog with angles that are too straight front and rear may appear too long in body?
Explain what daylight under a dog means.
Daylight under a dog is a ratio of the distance between the front and rear legs with the distance from the brisket to the ground.
What is the difference between a roach and a wheel back?
A roach is an arch confined to the loin section. A wheel back is a continuous arch from withers to tail.
Describe the shapes and stops of the following skull types: dolichocephalic, mesaticephalic and brachycephalic.
Mesaticephalic is most common and has a smooth sloping stop. Brachycephalic is a short face with a deep stop. Dolichocephalic is long and narrow with a flat stop.
True or False: Lower carriage of the head and neck results in higher foreleg lift.
How many permanent teeth does an adult dog have? How many of each tooth type are on the upper and lower jaws?
42. Upper jaw:4 molars, 8 premolars, 2 canines and 6 incisors. Lower jaw:6 molars, 8 premolars, 2 canines, and 6 incisors.