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True or False: Covering ground can mean the same as daylight under a dog.
True or False: In a dog that is high stationed, the ground to brisket height will be grater than the distance from withers to brisket.
True or False: In many breeds ribs should angle towards the hindquarters at a 45 degree angle.
What are the two main functions of the rib cage?
To aid breathing and to protect the heart and lungs.
How many pairs of ribs does the dog have? How are they classified.
The dog has 13 pairs of ribs. The true ribs are ribs 1 through 9. the false ribs are ribs 10 through 12. the floating rib is the 13th rib.
Which ribs are attached to the bottom of the breatbone?
The true ribs: ribs 1 through 9.
Which rib is unattached?
The 13th rib, which is called the floating rib.
Which ribs are connected to one another by cartilage?
The false ribs, which are ribs 10 through 12.
What does standing "well up on hocks" mean?
It refers to correct rear pasterns that are vertical and parallel to the ground.
The angle of which ribs is often a good reflection of the rest of the rib cage?
The angle of the last 2 or 3 ribs and the floating rib often tells us how good the rest of the rib cage is.
What does "well ribbed up" mean?
It means the ribs angle rearward at a 45 degree angle giving more capacity to the rib cage.
True or False: A barrel shaped rib cage is not as good as a deep, well-sprung rib cage because it does not allow as much room for heart and lungs.
What are 2 terms that are synonymous with "well ribbed up"?
"Ribs well laid back" and "ribs carried well back". This usually refers to a 45 degree angle rearward of the ribs.
Describe a herring gut.
It refers to a lack of rib cage depth due to the breastbone swinging up too soon at the front of the chest.
True or False: Fill refers to depth of chest when viewed from the front.
True or False: A pigeon breast is a narrow chest that lacks prosternum when viewed from the side.
Define topline.
Topline is the outline that extends from the back of the ears to the set on of the tail.