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In May 2019, a formal LCA Water Work Program was adopted. You can download the Program Requirements here, and also read more on the LCA website.


Please note the exercises may change preiodically, and it is always good to check the Newfoundland WaterWork information.

Junior Water Dog Exercises - for Water Dog Title

Basic Control
Following the judge’s instructions, the handler commands the dog to walk with him without a leash. They will walk together making right, left, and about turns and stops. The dog is to stay within arm’s reach. The dog will then perform a recall, coming to the handler on command. Finally, all dogs, or a group of dogs, will be placed in a “down” by their handlers. The handlers remain across the ring from their dogs for one minute, until instructed by the judge to return to their dogs.
Note: Dogs with a CD title are excused from this exercise.

Muerfy heel Muerfy sit down stay


Single Retrieve
The handler throws a boat bumper 30 feet out into the water. The dog has 60 seconds to swim out, retrieve it, and deliver it to his handler who waits on shore.  

IMG 1454 IMG 1457 IMG 1458

Drop Retrieve
Two stewards in a boat row parallel to shore, 50 feet out. One steward silently drops a boat cushion or life jacket onto the water on the far side of the boat. The boat is then rowed away. The handler on shore draws his dog’s attention to the dropped article and sends him to retrieve it. The dog has 90 seconds to swim out, retrieve it, and deliver it to his handler.

Drop retrieve 1 Drop retrieve return Drop retrieve finish

Take a Line
A steward treads water 50 feet from shore, splashing and calling the dog. The handler gives his dog the knotted end of a 75 foot line. The dog takes the line, swims out to the calling steward, and comes close enough that the steward can grasp the line or dog. The dog has 90 seconds to deliver the line to the steward.

Take a line takes line to steward

Tow a Boat
A boat is positioned 50 feet from shore with two stewards and an 8-foot line attached to a bumper. One steward splashes and calls the dog. The handler commands his dog to swim out to the boat, take the bumper from the steward, and tow the boat to shore until it touches bottom. The dog has 90 seconds to complete the exercise.

Ready to tow Towing

Swim with Handler
Dog and handler enter the water together and swim out approximately 20 feet beyond swimming depth for the dog. The dog must not swim onto the handler or interfere with him in any way. At the judge’s signal, the handler commands his dog to swim toward shore. The dog turns and tows his free floating handler directly to shore. The dog has 90 seconds to complete the exercise.

Swim with Handler Dog and Handler StanPeznowski