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Enjoy the recordings from our events below. You may also be interested in the podcasts found in the AKC's Genome Barks http://akcchf.libsyn.com/   and Pure Dog Talk https://puredogtalk.com/

2017 Leo-U and the LCA sponsored Dr. Carmen Battaglia, breeding better dogs!  Breeding Better Dogs Website
C. Battaglia's Recording (opens in new window)

2016 Judges Review from Gold Rush Leos - judge Natalie Romanova

Slides from the LHF : Genetic Testing: Understanding Results & Putting Them Into Practice
by Kari J Ekenstedt, DVM, PhD and Katie Minor, RN - College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota

January 2016 - Webinar presented by Debbie Gross "Helping our Leonbergers Live the Best Quality of Life for the Longest Time Possible: Exercise for All". 

Judges Reviews linked by permission from the Leonberger Club of America website.  JUDGES REVIEWS

2014 Judges Seminar - Thank you to the Judges Education Committee and the National Show Committee for permission to post this video.


2012 - Breeders Roundtable - Moderated by Agi Hejja
Jeanne Nonhof - Samoyeds
Debbie Thornton - Bernese Mountain Dog
Mary Alice Eschweiler - Bernese Mountain Dog
Kerry Waltersdorf - Bernese Mountain Dog
Jeri El Dissi - Alaskan Malamute
Sandy Patterson - Samoyeds

Recording of the Roundtable (opens in new window)